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Jersey City Murder & Manslaughter Lawyer

Hudson County  Murder & Manslaughter Attorneys
A homicide is the killing of one human being by another. Homicides are one of the most serious criminal offenses and require highly experienced attorneys for defense. If you or a loved one is facing a homicide charge, such as vehicular homicide, you know that the penalties could include a life  sentence. Our Jersey City homicide lawyers are experienced in murder cases and have represented numerous defendants in complex and serious cases including vehicular homicide and attempted murder. 

In Hudson County, a homicide charge could land you or your loved one in jail for life. Call a Jersey City defense lawyer as soon as possible.  Do not risk the serious penalties associated with a homicide conviction by waiting to get a good attorney. From the moment you are suspected of any type of homicide such as manslaughter or vehicular homicide, our Jersey City criminal defense attorneys will begin working with you to create your most compelling and effective defense.  Our lawyers will protect you during any investigations and work hard to challenge any evidence presented against you.

Contact our lawyers for aggressive and effective defense in any of the following charges in Hudson County:

– Criminal Homicide, N.J.S.A. 2C:11-2
– Murder, N.J.S.A. 2C:11-3
– Aggravated Manslaughter, N.J.S.A. 2C:11-4(a)
– Attempted Murder
– Conspiracy
– Reckless Manslaughter, N.J.S.A. 2C:11-4(b)
– Death by Auto, Vehicular homicide, N.J.S.A. 2C:11-5
– Passion-Provocation Manslaughter

Our attorneys are aggressive and effective Hudson County jury trial lawyers that will thoroughly investigate and prepare to present the most compelling defense in your case, including false identification, self-defense, and other innovative defenses.

Jersey City CDS possession & distribution lawyer

Hudson County CDS Possession,  Distribution Defense Attorneys
Possession and distribution of drugs, narcotics and controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are common crimes in Hudson County that carry tough penalties; even for first offenders. Our Jersey City lawyers can help if you avoid a felony criminal record and jail or prison time.  If convicted of a drug offense you may also be facing a loss of your driver’s license for months or years even if the offense did not involve a motor vehicle.  Our defense lawyers will fight hard to make sure that your license is not impacted.

When you get us on your side, you get a team of tough, smart Hudson County CDS possession and distribution defense attorneys who will use an arsenal of innovative techniques and the best motions to attack your case from every angle.  Our lawyers have been successfully defending clients charged with a range of drug crimes for over thirty years. No matter how big or small the offense is, our attorneys recognize that this is a major event in your life that could impact your future plans for your family, your career and your education. Because you will receive the best service and attention that you deserve, you can be sure that our Hudson County lawyers will craft the best defense that is right for your case.

Our Jersey City CDS possession defense attorneys can represent you in any court in New Jersey with regard to any of these drug charges:

– Possession of Marijuana, 2C:35-10A(4)
– Distribution of Marijuana, 2C:35-5b(10)
– Drug Paraphernalia, 2C:36-2
– Possession of Hypodermic Needle, 2C:36-6
– Possession of CDS, 2C:35-10
– Possession of Prescription Drugs, 2C:35-24
– Possession With Intent, 2C:35-5
– School Zone, 2C:35-7
– Distribution on Public Property, 2C:35-7.1
– Maintaining a CDS Production Facility, 2C:35-4
– Manufacturing Flunitrazepam, 2C:35-5.3
– Possession of Flunitrazepam, 2C:35-10.3
– Manufacturing Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, 2C:35-5.2
– Possession of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, 2C:35-10.2
– Meth, 2C:35-5b(9)
– Obtaining CDS by Fraud, 2C:35-13
– Drug-Induced Deaths, 2C:35-9
– Employing a Juvenile in Drug Distribution, 2C:35-6
– Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, 2C:35-3
– LSD, 2C:35-5b(7)
– Federal Drug charges

Get our team of tough, smart Jersey City defense attorneys on your side.  To learn more our team, use the links at the top of the page.

Jersey City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Hudson County Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys
In Hudson County, a family or domestic abuse charge can be a serious offense with long-lasting and life-altering penalties. If you have been charged or are facing domestic violence charges in any court in Hudson County, you should make sure that you have the most aggressive and effective domestic violence defense lawyers on your side. Our defense attorneys provide criminal court and family court defense to clients in domestic abuse cases across Hudson County.  Our Jersey City office is easy to reach and telephone consultations are available.

A domestic abuse charge in Hudson County can impact your employment, your family, and the rest of your life. You should make sure that you come to court prepared to make the most compelling defense on your behalf. Contact us to meet with our domestic violence attorneys in our Jersey City law office to start preparing your defense today.

Our lawyers understand that every case is unique; every case is different. Our attorneys will take the time to know you and your family and help prepare the best defense in your domestic violence case. With our assistance you can be rest assured that you are entering court armed with domestic violence defense attorneys who know how to present the best side of the story. Our Jersey City domestic abuse  defense lawyers can assist you with any of the following charges:

– Domestic abuse
– Harassment
– Stalking
– Restraining orders: temporary restraining orders and final restraining -orders
– Child neglect
– Domestic disputes
– Child abuse
– Domestic disturbance

Our lawyers can also help you vacate or dismiss a New jersey final restraining order or appeal a final restraining order that has been entered against you.

Many of our clients are professionals or individuals with careers who need assistance in defense of a crime. They are concerned about everything from their reputation, their career, family welfare, and financial security. In other words, everything is on the line.  Our Jersey City restraining order defense attorneys are committed to helping our clients recover from any charges and move on with their life. Whether you are guilty of the crime or not, you deserve to have your side conveyed to the court by an experienced  and aggressive Jersey City domestic violence lawyer.  Call us today.

Jersey City Sex Crimes Lawyer

Hudson County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney
In Hudson County, a sex crime, such as sexual assault or criminal sexual contact is a serious offense with long-term consequences, even if you are just accused and not charged. Thus a good lawyer may be the only thing that stands between you and disaster.  You risk the label of a sexual offender or sexual predator and may lose important civil liberties. A good sexual assault lawyer may prevent you from being subjected to the possibility of a long prison sentence and parole supervision for life.  If you are subject to New Jersey’s Megan’s Law, you may be listed as a sex offender on the New Jersey Internet sex offender registry.

We are the Hudson County sexual assault defense attorneys who will aggressively fight to best protect your rights and your future.  Our tough sex crimes attorneys will represent you in any court in Hudson County including Jersey City.  Call today to speak with one of our  experienced sexual assault defense lawyers today.

Sex crimes can be particularly devastating to the defendant’s reputation. Even if you are not charged, facing the criminal proceeding can be damaging to your family, your employment, and your future. Our Jersey City sexual assault attorneys know how to convey to the courts that you are an individual with a unique case who was wrongfully charged. Our Hudson County lawyers  take the steps necessary to prepare your case to convey your story and to create the most compelling defense on your behalf. Our  defense attorneys know that each case is different and will work hard to tailor a defense that is right for you.

Our team of tough, smart Hudson County sexual assault defense attorneys can assist you with any of the following allegations or charges:

–  ggravated Sexual Assault, N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2(a)
–  Sexual Assault, N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2(b), 2C:14-2(c)
– Criminal Sexual Contact, N.J.S.A. 2C:14-3
– Rape
– Date rape
– Sexual abuse
– Child molestation
– Endangering the Welfare of a Child, N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4
– Computer crimes: Internet porn, solicitation
– Indecent exposure
– Lewd Conduct, Lewdness, N.J.S.A. 2C:14-4
– Invasion of Privacy, N.J.S.A. 2C:14-9
– Solicitation, Luring, Enticing, N.J.S.A. 2C:13-6
– Prostitution, N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1
– Promoting Prostitution, N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1(b)
– Loitering for the Purpose of Engaged in Prostitution, N.J.S.A. 2C:34-1.1(b)
– Violating a Condition of Community Supervision for Life, N.J.S.A. 2C:43:6.4
– Violating a Condition of Parole Supervision for Life, N.J.S.A. 2C:43:6.4
– Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, N.J.S.A. 2C:7-2
– Family law and divorce issues

Do not talk to a government official without the legal guidance and direction of an experienced Jersey City criminal defense attorney. You risk waiving critical rights without an attorney present. Call our lawyers today to safeguard your constitutional rights.

A proper and aggressive defense and the results of your case are important to our Hudson County sex crimes defense lawyers. Our lawyers will take all measures to protect your rights, your family, and your future. As soon you hire  our team of tough, smart defense attorneys, a strategy is developed to defend you.  We handle any conflicts that may develop. and provide you with the best service to get results in and out of court.

Hudson County Assault Lawyer

Jersey City Assault Defense Attorneys
Assaults are very serious crimes because there is always a victim. Thus, these cases are prosecuted vigorously in Hudson County. Because the No Early Release Act (requiring the defendant to server 85% of the prison term before release) applies to some assault charges, the stakes are extremely high.  Our Hudson County defense attorneys can help keep you out of prison.

The degree of the assault often depends on the type of injury caused or intended and sometimes the person who was assaulted. There are three types of injury: bodily injury, significant bodily injury and serious bodily injury.

Bodily injury is any physical pain, illness or any impairment or physical condition. Significant bodily injury means bodily injury which creates a temporary loss of the function of any bodily member or organ or temporary loss of any one of the five senses. Serious bodily injury means bodily injury which creates a substantial risk of death or which causes serious, permanent disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ.  Thus, our Hudson County assault lawyers typically attorney attack the nature of the injury in addition to using all other defenses in assault cases.

If you are facing any assault charge in any court in Hudson County call the tough, smart assault defense attorneys in Jersey City to begin the fight against these potentially devastating assault charges.

Our Jersey City assault defense lawyers can represent you with regard to any of these assault charges in any Hudson County court:

– Simple Assault, 2C:12-1a 
– Aggravated Assault, 2C:12-1b 
– Pointing a Firearm, 2C:12-1b 
– Assault by Auto, 2C:12-1c 
– Leaving the Scene of an Accident, 2C:12-1.1 
– Endangering an Injured Victim
– Reckless Endangerment, 2C:12-1.2
– Terroristic Threats, 2C:12-3
– Stalking, 2C:12-10
– Disarming a Law Enforcement Officer, 2C:12-11
– Throwing Bodily Fluid, 2C:12-13

Our Hudson County attorneys have the experience, knowledge and innovative defense tactics to help protect you as well as your family, career and reputation. When you hire us, a team of tough, smart attorneys will craft a strategy that is uniquely tailored to help achieve the result you want in your assault case. Our battle plan to attack the assault allegations against you is then immediately started so we can get ahead of the case.

Our Jersey City office is easy to reach from anywhere in Hudson County.  Other offices are available for those living or working outside of the Jersey City area.  Day or night, weekday or weekend, call to speak with a lawyer today:  732-773-2768.