Jersey City CDS possession & distribution lawyer

Hudson County CDS Possession,  Distribution Defense Attorneys
Possession and distribution of drugs, narcotics and controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are common crimes in Hudson County that carry tough penalties; even for first offenders. Our Jersey City lawyers can help if you avoid a felony criminal record and jail or prison time.  If convicted of a drug offense you may also be facing a loss of your driver’s license for months or years even if the offense did not involve a motor vehicle.  Our defense lawyers will fight hard to make sure that your license is not impacted.

When you get us on your side, you get a team of tough, smart Hudson County CDS possession and distribution defense attorneys who will use an arsenal of innovative techniques and the best motions to attack your case from every angle.  Our lawyers have been successfully defending clients charged with a range of drug crimes for over thirty years. No matter how big or small the offense is, our attorneys recognize that this is a major event in your life that could impact your future plans for your family, your career and your education. Because you will receive the best service and attention that you deserve, you can be sure that our Hudson County lawyers will craft the best defense that is right for your case.

Our Jersey City CDS possession defense attorneys can represent you in any court in New Jersey with regard to any of these drug charges:

– Possession of Marijuana, 2C:35-10A(4)
– Distribution of Marijuana, 2C:35-5b(10)
– Drug Paraphernalia, 2C:36-2
– Possession of Hypodermic Needle, 2C:36-6
– Possession of CDS, 2C:35-10
– Possession of Prescription Drugs, 2C:35-24
– Possession With Intent, 2C:35-5
– School Zone, 2C:35-7
– Distribution on Public Property, 2C:35-7.1
– Maintaining a CDS Production Facility, 2C:35-4
– Manufacturing Flunitrazepam, 2C:35-5.3
– Possession of Flunitrazepam, 2C:35-10.3
– Manufacturing Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, 2C:35-5.2
– Possession of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, 2C:35-10.2
– Meth, 2C:35-5b(9)
– Obtaining CDS by Fraud, 2C:35-13
– Drug-Induced Deaths, 2C:35-9
– Employing a Juvenile in Drug Distribution, 2C:35-6
– Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, 2C:35-3
– LSD, 2C:35-5b(7)
– Federal Drug charges

Get our team of tough, smart Jersey City defense attorneys on your side.  To learn more our team, use the links at the top of the page.

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